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Ready to Spice Up Your Life with Salsa?

Join Our Beginner Salsa Course!


Experience the joy of dance with our Beginner Salsa on2 Progressive Session! Classes are tailored for absolute beginners, those new to Salsa, and anyone looking to perfect their technique and fundamentals.


Here's why you should join:

1. Step-by-Step Learning: Our classes are structured to build your skills progressively, ensuring you gain confidence with each session.

2. Individualized Feedback: We understand that everyone learns at their own pace. Our experienced instructors provide personalized feedback to help you improve and shine on the dance floor.

3. Friendly Environment: Dance in a welcoming atmosphere where you can meet new friends, have fun, and enjoy every step of the way.

4. No Partner Required: Come solo or with friends—everyone is welcome, and we rotate partners to ensure you get a well-rounded experience.

5. Health and Happiness: Dancing is a fantastic way to stay active, boost your mood, and enjoy life to the fullest.


DM us for more information and to register!

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